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Food for thought

I was talking with my friends today about stories from The Bible, and how crazy they sound. They are believers, I’m not, but we’re all good. I asked them if I went up to them and said that I was in the mountains and a burning bush told me that it was God, and it had rules for me to give to everyone to follow, my friends would have me locked up so fast. 

It all started because someone we used to work with was shouting on Facebook, I guess, “HE IS RISEN!” I said if she was on the street corner shouting that at people, they’d think she was a crazy homeless person. Do it on Facebook, it’s okay. 

Context is very important. 

Now BRB, God rejected my offering, while accepting my brothers. Gotta go pull a homicide. 


Having to google internet slang your friend is using because you have no idea what the fuck it means.


One of the companies I work for gave us these books and one of the pages inexplicably had this old man in a field on a laptop. I work for a teleconferencing company. I went through a phase where I put googly eyes on everything. 

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